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Using Your Inhalers Correctly

The respiratory therapists at the American Association for Respiratory Care want you to understand and use the inhalers correctly to make sure you are getting the correct amount of medicine for your lung condition.

Consider this:

  • How would you react if your pharmacy gave you half a pill?
  • What would you do when you went to take your morning medications and found that the bottle was empty?
  • How do you think your recovery would be if you took a daily injection only every other day?

Of course, your health care would be compromised if you did not get the full dose of medication that is prescribed for your condition.

Yet, this is what may be happening if you are not properly using your inhaler.

Proper technique, the ability to gauge the amount of medication left in your inhaler, and thorough understanding of the purpose and methods for taking your inhaler medications is imperative. Otherwise it’s like getting half a pill – you may not be receiving the full dose of medicine for your condition.

Read on to learn more about correctly using your inhaler.

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