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Medicare Participating Physician Directory
This directory contains names, addresses, phone numbers, specialties, and other important information for Medicare participating doctors, those who have agreed to accept assignment on all Medicare claims and covered services.This tool will provide you with a list of physicians in the specialty and geographic area you specify, along with detailed physician profiles, maps and driving directions.

Although this is for doctors participating in the Medicare program, the information in this site can be useful when looking for doctors in you area, especially when looking for a “speciality doctor, such lung, heart, liver, etc. speciality.

Check Doctor Specialties with the American Board of Medical Specialties®
Check to see if your physician is board certified. Registration is required and you are limited to 5 searches in 24 hours.

Talking With Your Doctor
The first step in good communication is finding a doctor with whom you can talk. Having a main doctor (often called your primary doctor) is one of the best ways to ensure your good health. Although this was written for older adults, all age groups can benefit from the information in this booklet.

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