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Finding Care
Getting Trusted Medical Information

Next Steps After Your Diagnosis
Your doctor gave you a diagnosis that could change your life. This booklet can help you take the next steps. Every person is different, of course, and every person’s disease or condition will affect them differently. But research shows that after getting a diagnosis, many people have some of the same reactions and needs.

Complete Guide for Finding Quality Health Care

When it comes to making major health care decisions—about health plans, doctors, treatments, hospitals, and long-term care—how can you tell which choices offer quality health care, and which do not? The Guide has checklists, questions, charts, and other tools to help you make the health care decisions that are right for you.

Quick Checks for Quality Health Care

This will give you a checklist for health plans, hospitals, doctors, treatment, and long term care. This summarizes the major ways you can check for quality in health care, for a more depth information, see the source above (Complete Guide for Finding Quality Health Care)

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