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Worst Day Ever
Is there a worst day of the year for asthma hospitalizations? The answer is yes, and it comes every year 17 days following Labor Day. Why? By then, students have been back in school long enough to create a “perfect storm” of asthma triggers.

Childhood Food Allergies Costly
Childhood food allergies are racking up a big bill in the U.S., say Chicago researchers. Their study puts a nearly $25 billion a year price tag on the condition, including costs for medical care and lost work opportunities for parents who have to stay home to deal with their children’s allergies.

Pregnancy May Lead to Poor Asthma Control for Some
Pregnancy can be especially hard on women with severe asthma, according to British investigators who recently reviewed studies in the area. Overall, they discovered that while asthma during pregnancy is equally as likely to get better, get worse, or stay the same, asthma control goes downhill in 60% of women with severe asthma.

Puppet Band Educates Kids about Asthma Triggers
The U.S. Ad Council has teamed up with the Environmental Protection Agency to launch a series of public service announcements on asthma designed to appeal to children and their parents. Featuring a puppet band dubbed “The Breathe Easies,” the ads center around songs aimed at educating kids about asthma triggers and how to deal with them.


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