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Fall 2012

  • Halloween Hazards for Kids with Allergies and Asthma
    Ghosts, ghouls, and goblins should be the only things scaring your children during Halloween. Kids with allergies and asthma can fully participate in this fall holiday with some simple precautions.

  • Common Sense Ways To Avoid the Misery of Asthma and Allergies
    Allergies are a contributing factor to triggering asthma flare-ups in adults and children, but you can learn how to manage both effectively.

  • Can People with Asthma Play Competitive Sports?
    If you (or your child) have asthma, you can play competitive sports. Just follow these tips to gain and maintain control of asthma and compete at a high level on the field.

  • Peak Performance USA Is Making a Difference in Schools
    Respiratory therapists get involved and make a difference in their patients’ lives every day. The AARC has established a special program to make it even easier to help the number of children who may need respiratory care to treat asthma.

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  • News Bits
    Read the newest information about asthma and allergies from these studies appearing recently online.


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