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Dining out with Food Allergies
For many people, dining out is hampered by life-threatening food allergies. Stay safe by considering these things to avoid an allergic reaction.

Users of CFC Inhalers Must Soon Switch
The last two inhalers in the United States that contain CFCs will both be taken off the market by the end of this year. Talk with your health care provider now to plan for a smooth transition.

Study Links Air Pollution to Childhood Asthma in Minorities
Black and Latino infants exposed to air pollution are at higher risk for asthma.

Severe Egg Allergy? There's a Flu Shot for You
People with egg allergies may no longer have to worry about not being able to have a flu shot, according to a federal advisory panel.

Many Children with Poorly Controlled Asthma Getting Overdose of Acid Reducers
Pediatric asthmatics treated for acid reflux disease may have a higher risk for upper respiratory infections.

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