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Combo Inhalers Lead to Fewer Attacks for Some
Combination inhalers might be better at treating asthma, report researchers who compared combo inhalers with single drug inhalers in two studies. Both found significantly fewer severe asthma attacks in patients treated with the combo inhaler.

BPA Linked to Asthma
Columbia University researchers find children exposed to high levels of BPA at ages three, five, and seven are more likely to develop asthma between the ages of five and ten.

Treating Multiple Food Allergies in Kids: A New Approach?
A blog on Momania goes over studies published recently on the use of multiple allergy shots given at the same time to kids with multiple food allergies.

Fire Ant Allergy Shots a Hard Sell
Only about 35% of patients with fire ant allergies receive the full course of allergy shots necessary to protect them from a potentially deadly reaction to a fire ant sting. The problem: the shots must be taken monthly over a three to five year period.

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