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Spring 2009

How Asthma-Friendly Is Your Child-Care Setting?

Mobile Spirometry Unit Offers Free Lung Health Screenings Across the U.S.

Epinephrine Inhalers Will Be Phased Out by Dec. 31, 2011

FDA Educates the Public on Food Allergies

Respiratory Therapist Diane Rhodes Wins EPA’s National Asthma Award

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AARC Peak Performance USA Program Promotes Asthma Awareness in Schools
The American Association for Respiratory Care recently launched the Peak Performance USA program to educate school nurses about asthma care. Parents can influence a school’s asthma care effectiveness by working with their child’s school and respiratory therapists to raise awareness of this disease.

World Asthma Day May 5, 2009: You Can Control Your Asthma
World Asthma Day, held in early May each year, promotes asthma awareness and care around the world. Here’s a helpful web site offering asthma resources.

May Is Asthma Awareness Month
Join the Environmental Protection Agency in its efforts to raise awareness about asthma. You can learn how to host activities to educate people in your community by downloading a helpful planning kit.

Too Much TV Linked to Higher Asthma Risk
Watching TV two or more hours a day doubles a child’s risk of getting asthma, according to a new study from Great Britain.

Childhood Obesity Can Cause Asthma
A recent study has found that obese children who had lower levels of physical activity had more airway narrowing following exercise.

Antifungal Treatment Appears To Benefit Some Severe Asthmatics
Patients with severe asthma who are also allergic to certain fungi have shown improvements after treatment with an oral antifungal drug, report British researchers.

Indoor Air Pollution Increases Asthma Symptoms in Children
Researchers have found a link between increasing levels of indoor particulate matter pollution and the severity of asthma symptoms in children.

Teens’ Lung Health Affected by Their Diet
Scientists report that diets lower in fruit, vitamins C and E, and omega-3 fatty acids are linked to decreased lung function in adolescents.

What To Do About Sinusitis
Here’s a step-by-step approach to getting some relief from sinusitis.

British Scientists Create a “Portable Lung”
Scientists report they have invented a device they’re calling the “portable lung” that oxygenates blood outside of the body before it goes through the lungs.

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