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Dog Dust Could Be Good for Your Baby
Researchers from the University of California San Francisco find young mice exposed to dust from households with dogs are less likely to have allergic reactions to common allergens than those exposed to dust from dog-free households. The bottom line: a dog in the house could help protect infants against developing asthma.

Probiotics No Panacea for Respiratory Ills
Probiotics won’t keep your infants from developing asthma, report Canadian investigators who compared asthma rates between infants who were fed probiotics and those who were not. In fact, probiotics were linked to more lower respiratory tract infections, though the researchers believe more study is needed to confirm that finding.

Asthma May Differ in the Obese
A new study out of Boston Children’s Hospital may help explain why obese people with asthma are often harder to treat. In a mouse study, they discovered an inflammatory pathway to asthma in mice fed a high fat diet that may be resistant to standard asthma drugs.

Eat Nuts to Prevent Nut Allergies? Maybe, But Not Yet!
A study from Boston Children’s Hospital investigators finds eating nuts five times a week while pregnant could cut your baby’s risk of developing nut allergies by about a third. But they caution it only worked for women without a history of nut allergies themselves and don’t suggest women try it yet. More study is needed.


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