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Fall 2014

  • Cover Story: Asthma and Preparing for the Fall Season
    by Grace Noynay, BS, RRT
    For many asthma sufferers, the arrival of the fall season can lead to some allergy reactions that may lead to an asthma attack. Preventing allergies and asthma should be your first priority.

  • "Flu Shot Gives Patient Flu" — Not True!
    by Carol Proctor, RRT, RPF
    We’ve all heard someone say it: “The flu shot gave me the flu.” In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Let’s talk about facts to dispel the fiction that the flu vaccine causes the flu.

  • Keeping Count of Your Inhaler Doses
    by Rhonda Vosmus, RRT, NPS, AE-C
    Dose counters on quick-relief inhalers reduce respiratory-related emergency department visits by almost half, according to a recent study of almost 94,000 patients. The study confirmed that dose counters on inhalers may drive patients to oral corticosteroid use sooner, thereby resulting in fewer ED visits

  • Female? Over 65? Got Asthma or Allergies? Listen Up
    by Eileen Censullo, MBA, RRT
    Women over the age of 65 face numerous barriers to good health. If you are in this age group, you may also struggle against poverty, which limits making good choices and getting preventative care. Poverty can lead to higher rates of asthma. It is important that you fully understand your triggers, symptoms, medication plan, and knowing when to call your doctor for help.

  • News Bits
    Read the newest information about asthma and allergies from these studies appearing online.


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