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Fall 2007

  • Fall 2006What You Need to Know About the New Asthma Guidelines
    The National Asthma Education and Prevention Program’s Asthma Guidelines: Expert Panel Report III has been released and can help you better control your asthma. Read all about these important new guidelines here.

    Avoiding Asthma Problems During the Flu Season
    We are entering a time when you may start having problems with your asthma due to the cold and flu season. Learn how to avoid asthma flare-ups during flu season in this article.

    Work-Related Asthma
    There is an obvious concern with a decreased quality of life when someone is exposed to asthma triggers while at work.  Workers may not always be aware that there could be a cause and effect related to asthma and rhinitis on the job.

    BREATHE Program Provides Asthma Education in the Home
    A special program delivers asthma education where it works best: the patient’s home. Read how respiratory therapists make home visits and teaching an integral part of educating asthma patients and their families.

    News Bits
    Read the latest news bits featured in AARC Times, the professional publication for respiratory therapists.



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