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Summer 2007

  • Fall 2006Traveling with Asthma and Allergies
    Respiratory therapists help patients prepare for vacation by offering these tips.

  • Improving Asthma Control
    Respiratory therapists discuss successful strategies for teaching patients to recognize their allergy and asthma triggers.

  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Asthma in Elderly Patients
    Learn how respiratory therapists are focusing on the importance of the diagnosis and treatment of asthma in elderly patients.

  • Smoking and the Asthma Patient
    As incredible as it may seem, 25% of adult asthma patients smoke themselves. The key to rectifying this is smoking cessation. Learn how to best accomplish this.

  • Time to Reinvent the Wheel
    Respiratory therapists discuss how the focus of asthma disease management has shifted from one of disease severity to one of asthma disease control.

  • News Bits
    You won’t want to miss the latest news tidbits concerning asthma medication, worst cities for asthma, childhood asthma statistics, red tide, and obesity.



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