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Winter 2010

winter 2010Smoking and Asthma:
Two Things That Mix Worse Than Oil and Water

Many people with asthma smoke, and so do the parents of children with asthma, which can trigger emergency room visits. This article explains why tobacco smoke is so bad for anyone who has asthma.

Asthma Around the World

How does asthma care in different countries compare with the care provided in the United States? Here are some snapshots of studies published in recent medical journals.

Difficult Asthma or Difficult Patient?

National guidelines on the treatment of asthma state asthma can be controlled with proper care and management. So how come so many people still suffer with their asthma?

Medication Use as We Get Older

As we get older, more and more challenges seem to arise when taking medications correctly. Here are some ways you and/or the older adult in your life can make medications easier to handle.

Respiratory Therapists in Pennsylvania
Reach out to Young Asthmatics in Need

Last summer St. Mary Medical Center in Langhorne, PA, offered a free summer camp to young asthmatics without health insurance. RTs helped make sure the camp was both educational and fun, with special activities like "Make Your Own Mucus," a camp favorite, where the campers learned about proper hydration by making "mucus" from cornstarch.

AARC Offers Free Asthma Education Program for Schools

The American Association for Respiratory Care is offering a free program to schools that want to help students better control their asthma. Parents may want to tell their schools that respiratory therapists are now presenting Peak Performance USA (PPUSA) in schools nationwide.

News Bits

These recently published articles offer helpful lung health information.



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